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On the morning of June 4th 2006, Jay woke up like every other Monday morning to get ready for work. Diana, his wife went downstairs ahead of him. Jay got dressed and walked into the little short hallway that led downstairs, with the children's room to his right , he felt a chilly breeze and suddenly remembered that he had left the children's bedroom window open the night before. Jay went into the room to shut the window. What he found changed the rest of his life forever.


His daughter, four-month-old Jaydee Lynn Biggs was in her bassinet, with a blanket covering her head and face. Jay quickly went to the bassinet, yelling oh s***, call 911. He began trying to pull the cover off her face. He said his whole body felt numb because of that rush of fear that a parent gets that runs through their body when they see their child is hurt.

He got the blanket off of Jaydees face and head, she had dried vomit on her face, and her body was stiff. He picked her up and placed her on the floor to do CPR but then he realized it was too late. Jay put his baby back in her bassinet and grabbed his one- and-a-half-year-old son out of his crib, which was in the same room and went downstairs.

Diana said she tried to call 911 but could not connect with 911 on the phone, the trash men came to the door to collect money for a bill, Diana told them her baby was dead, Jay handed his phone to them and asked them to call 911.

Two years later on April 9th, 2008 Jay was arrested for a murder and sexual assult of his daughter, neither ever occurred.

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